What is Ubiq’window?

Ubiq’window is opening a new era in ‘click-and-mortar’ solution, the association of e-commerce technologies to regular ‘brick and mortar’ shops.

Ubiq'window is a breathtaking hardware and software technology which brings interactivity to any show window, wall, piece of glass.

Ubiq’window applications

This is a ‘Minority Report' technology, this is our vision of the future, we wanted it

- a large telecommunication operator

More about it

TOUCHLESS. Ubiq'window is a touchless technology which allows unique gestures by reading very accurately users'movement of fingers or hands.

ATTRACTIVE. Ubiq'window is incredibly attractive and pleasant to use. The wow effect is immediate.

OPEN. Ubiq'window supports any type of software applications. Legacy software, web site can be used without modification. Application developers have total freedom to build the application their clients need. Ubiq'window can even be used without any digital interface but with real objects .

EASY. Ubiq'window does not require any frame or reflecting device. It is easily installed wherever you need interactivity. Ubiq'window is totally invisible to users and can be installed inside or outside.

UNIQUE. Ubiq'window leverages the latest research in optics and mathematics and permanent effort in research are promising even more breathtaking capabilities.

What customers say:

“This is no machine, this is magic. Plasma screens have no glamour, too squared, Ubiq'window is incredibly attractive” A marketing director in Tokyo

“I can use very different and innovative contents with Ubiq'window. I just develop and install it, it works” a software development agency manager in Tokyo

“This is the ultimate shop window interactivity solution, any object can become interactive” a dynamic signage specialist in Australia

“This is very flexible for integration in my architecture projects. The technology is invisible, and clients have never seen this before” an architect in New-York

“ Sugooiii” the typical reaction of users in Japan

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